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  • What is the best way to make an appointment?

Feel free to call or text the office at 432-257-7142 or fill out the contact form below! You can also book an appointment or free consultation, online by clicking here!


  • When is your next available appointment?

Most weeks, we can schedule you with a same week appointment. The schedule is flexible to meet the needs of our patients. 


  • Does Dr. Harvey offer in person therapy?

Not at this time. All sessions are done by using a HIPPA compliant zoom link. 


  • How does Dr. Harvey feel about virtual sessions?

When COVID forced my practice to go virtual in 2020, I had total plans on going back into office. Once I saw how productive and effective virtual therapy was, I decided not to. A lot of people are worried about losing the in-person "vibe" you get when seeing your therapist face to face.  I believe the effectiveness weighs heavily on the therapist and the energy he/she brings to each session. If you are "on the fence" about virtual therapy, I would strongly recommend that you read my reviews and schedule a free 10 minute consultation so you can meet me and see what a session will actually be like!


  • How much does it cost? Insurance?

We do not take insurance. Each therapy session is $175, for a 45 minute session. I do offer a package where you will receive a free session when you purchase 9 up front. Sessions are non refundable, however they do not expire, and are transferable.

Medication services vary in price. Check your insurance benefits coverage eligibility here!


  • What form of payment do you accept?

Most debit and credit cards are accepted, as well as HSA, and Care Credit. Check your insurance benefits coverage eligibility here!


  • What are your hours?

We are flexible with our schedule, meeting the needs of the patients. We do offer evening appointments throughout the week and some weekends.


  • Do you offer a FREE Consultation?

Yes, for therapy patients! We offer a 10 minute, free consultation, so I can answer any questions you may have, and we can get to know each other a bit more! Click here to schedule!


  • What do you specialize in?

Dr. Harvey received training for EMDR in 2016, and have helped numerous patients recover from PTSD symptoms and traumatic events. She also uses CBT in almost every session. Strengths are treating: depression, anxiety, and relationship issues.

Christian counseling is available upon request.

We are passionate about helping people learn how to care for their mental health. My goal for every person I meet with is that they learn to love themselves so that they can have the best life possible for themselves, with a "whatever it takes" approach.


  • Do you offer additional services; ESA letters? Pre surgery evaluation? Letters for court? FMLA?

Yes! Yes! Yes! We offer a full service mental health practice where letters, approvals and recommendations are provided. I have been working with Weigh to Success, providing psych evaluations for bariatric surgery since 2016. 


  • Do you diagnose?

Yes! Also Diagnostic testing is offered for children and adults. 


  • Are you a psychologist? Psychiatrist? Therapist?

I am a Doctorate level clinician, therapist. Graduated in 2012 from University of Texas with a Masters degree in Clinical Psychology. Became board certified in Texas, in 2014. Early 2023, Dr. Harvey,  finished her doctorate program in psychology with a focus in grief counseling. 


  • Do you treat children?

Yes, I do see children. Please remember, the younger the child is, the more involved a parent will be in therapy. Parents are a huge part of their child's therapy and is expected to participate. 


  • Do you meet with couples?

Yes! Meeting with couples is one of my favorite types of therapy. It is powerful having a third party present, ears are opened, and perspectives change! Couples therapy is extremely effective and recommended for couples struggling. 


  • How long will I need to come?

My goal is to give you the skills that you need so that you become your own therapist. Some patients need just a few sessions, others more. A huge factor of length of treatment is your commitment to work outside of therapy!


  • Did Dr. Harvey change her last name?

Yes! You may or may not know, Dr. Harvey got married in mid 2022 and finished up her doctorate in early 2023.

This is when she changed her name to Dr. Natalie Harvey. 

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